30 November 2022


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This patch, RIOT is looking in on bot lane, where shorter range champs like Samira have been slashing, dashing, and bashing things up. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, which is why Samira’s an especially hot potato: although her win rates are fine, her ban rates are high— so we’re hoping these changes will help make her feel less frustrating to play against.

Speaking of slashing, RIOT is also adjusting Katarina (and Urgot) to revitalize their on-hit builds, which were hit hard hard by our changes to Kraken Slayer. Other folks on the buff train due to item changes include Fiora and Lee Sin.

And if this patch seems particularly buff heavy, it’s because RIOT also took a pass at bringing down the jungle’s overall power. With less rewards from camps, games should feel less dictated by the strength of the jungler. Now, you can share your fruits of victory (or defeat) equally with your teammates!

One more thing: there’s no new skins in this patch. 11.5 will bring with it some goodies, and it’ll be… sweet!